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Clinician Cloud for Therapist and Mental Health Counselors

Clinician Cloud is a cloud-based mental health record management system and services to help mental health professionals maintain and grow their counseling practice. Clinician Cloud offers a cloud platform as a service, easy to use and any clinician can afford it. We are serving and supporting all licensed social worker, counselor and psychologist across 48 states in the United States

Our services

Clinician Cloud is a Modern, cloud-based software to help small, medium and large mental health practices to boost their profitability and stay independent. Our EHR solutions solutions helps you streamline your day, so you spend less time fighting technology and more time treating patients. It helps you automate many of the tedious tasks that can slow your mental health practice down, and let our advanced analytics provide real-time feedback on practice performance so you can easily manage your business. Additionaly to your patient management record, Clinician Cloud helps you manage your accounting and your employee payroll. You will be able to produce financial statement more easily. It also helps you collecting information into a call log to accurately pinpoint potential client.

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