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Behavior Binder

Student Behavior Administration

Behavior Binder portal streamlines the entire process of helping to solve behavior-related issues in all sorts of environments. Behavior Binder has been developed to support data collection so you can facilitate data sharing with the school personnel. Behavior Binder is a full featured cloud based application that help you to keep track of counseling and behavioral data with the ultimate goal to better assess the student at any given time, and we believe that collecting data is just the start - it's about putting it to work in ways that inform every stakeholder in a student's education.

Popular features?

  • Classroom Behavior & School Culture
  • Family Engagement & Communication
  • Referrals & Incidents
  • DESE Incident Report
  • Functional Behavior and Session Notes
  • IEP Smart Goals
  • RTI (Response-to-Intervention)
  • Absence & Tardiness
  • Student Rewards and Points

Software designed for ?

  • School psychologist
  • School counselor
  • School social worker
  • School Deans
  • school counseling and support programs
  • Advocacy Group, case managemen
  • Crisis intervention and conflict resolution
  • Support team

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