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A cloud reseller is a company or individual that buys cloud computing resources from a cloud service provider and resells them to their clients. As a reseller we create our own cloud or managed services and resell the services at the a price companies around the world can afford

Our cloud services can be categorized in three plans

Plan A - Provide expertise and advice in Cloud Technology
As your cloud partner and reseller we can help you ensure that your organizational resources are being used efficiently and cost-effectively. We can also provide to you expertise and advice on how best to optimize your tech stack and ensure that you are leveraging the right technology to meet your business needs.

With the plan A, you purchase and plan to manage yourself, supporting yourself your servers and cloud services from any cloud provider you choose and we provide you the advice and expertise to choose the server that suitable for your business need. We charge you for this service $150.00 per hour. With this plan you will be in direct contact with the cloud provider. We will be out of the picture entirely

Plan B - We build the server for you and we provide the expertise, the advice and the maintenance of the server
As your cloud partner and reseller we will build the server for you based your request for the storage and the memory you need then you pay the cloud fee plus the support and the maintenance of the server. With this plan, we place ourself between you and the cloud provider to provide to you the support you need.

In case of a disater we will be with you to contact the cloud provider. If you are living in Haiti, Domican Republic or Africa you will have a cost from your phone provider to contact the cloud provider. What we do to provide you the services, We try to identify the problem then we call the provider on your behalf and we chat with you. The cost for these services vary based your choice.

Plan C - We build your own local virtual server for you by using Infrastructure for VMware cloud solutions
VMware’s cloud infrastructure services and solutions provide the speed, efficiency, and business agility required to successfully transform apps for the cloud. Gain unlimited environment and operator choices to match your app requirements to the right cloud. With the ability to mix and match providers without code or configuration changes, you'll enjoy a consistent multi-cloud infrastructure and management with built-in security and connectivity.

We use NAS or SAN and Dell Server to build your VMware infrastructure for busineses and government around the world. The infrastructure can be in you local data center or VMware on AWS or on Azure. The cost for these services vary based your choice.

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