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Backups and data protection are concerns for businesses of all sizes. Ransomware, data corruption, and infrastructure failures make secure backups a must. We are providing IT solutions to our clients, therefor we provide to them a cloud backup environment for a small fee of services.

Reliability and Data Redundancy

Backups are only useful if they’re available when you need them. A good backup solution follows the 3-2-1 Rule. This rule states that:

  • You need three different copies of your data (i.e., your original production data and two backups)
  • Stored on two different media types
  • One copy should be stored offsite

If a backup solution doesn’t follow these best practices, a disaster could take out both your production data and your backups.

Data Encryption and Security

If you back up sensitive data like business secrets or personally identifiable information (PII), those backups must be stored securely and in an encrypted form. You may also be required to comply with HIPAA, COPA, or GDPR regulations, depending on where they do business and the industry they serve.

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